Tom Thumb is releasing his follow up to "songs from holiday" titled "Kindermusik" shortly. His debut was nothing short of a solid listen packed with an acoustic sound and lyrics that weren't just...there. Tom hangs on the same plane for his sophomore effort, but injects the "latter day saints" into the mix who add another dimension to the music. The result is just as intriguing as the first, though the edges have been sanded a bit, rounding out the raw sounds from "songs from holiday" into a complete listen from beginning to end. Though "Kindermusik" floats along more to the electric side of things there isn't much, if any, missteps along the way. "Preach," "Growing Boy," and a fantastic cover of Springsteins "Atlantic City" round out the available sounds for you to delve into. I'm not sure how long ago the debut album was recorded, but I'm assuming at least a couple of years ago as it's clearly evident that Thumb has evolved as a musician between the two. Can't resist this one - Two thumbs up!

Tom Thumb & The Latter Day Saints - Growing Boy
Tom Thumb & The Latter Day Saints - Preach
Tom Thumb & The Latter Day Saints - Atlantic City

I cruised back over to one Pehr Label last night who brought us Arco and was amazed at what I'd missed during my first trip. Now, forgive me for my minimal description for I am secretly pecking away at the keyboard at work. This is The Very Hush, Hush of course.

The Very Hush Hush - That Look

A few more Hush Hush treats here

"nic garcia's music is as desolate as his home state of north dakota. he has been stumbling under the radar recording and self-releasing his music. his songs are the soundtrack for those early-morning journeys home from the witching hour. he usually performs solo with just his voice, guitar, and amplifier." - Nic

Nic Garcia - Ballad of Peter Night
Nic Garcia - City Skyline
Nic Garcia - Time Folded

Wow, Willy to do a Reggae album?

Apologies for lack of Art and show rotation. Sometimes these things take time, and don't happen as often as I'd like.

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