Bullette has appeared pretty much everywhere on the web the past week or two and for good reason. She has drawn comparisions to Nancy Sinatra, Aimee Mann, Lali Puna and if I was one to express my own – Liz Phair(ish) with a dash of Jolie Holland. I received her email, read a few reviews, and knew this was going to be something different. With the assistance of Hangnail Phillips, Bullette's self-released downloadable album “Secrets” throws you a vast array of different sounds, each as adorable and delightful as the previous. The second track “Little Bird” is a favorite of mine. Couple "Little Bird" with the Opener "Show Me", and you've just begun to tap into the diversity that Bullette brings to the table. All in all, this is a well kept secret and one that shouldn’t last for long since music as ingenious as this can only grow. Have a listen to the first three tracks and delve into the rest! Permission provided for posting the sounds.

Bullette - Show Me
Bullette - Little Bird
Bullette - Your Eyes Have It

For the track “Droppin,” Soft portray that of an underwater atmosphere – deep breath - for the first 1:10. A couple neatly pecked notes(phaser?) sweep the rather mountainous seabed portraying bubbles while the rest jump on board, piece by piece. Eventually, vocals appear and we’re all free to exhale and listen to the gentle vocals riding the tide. This is a fun listen with hopefully more to come on top of these 3 tracks. Enjoy, and check out the site

Soft - Droppin
Soft - All That You're Shown
Soft - Lucky Jam

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