Although these things change all the time my current favourite label is Organ Grinder Records. They currently have three bands on their roster one of which is Fireworks Night who have just put out a wonderful album with echoes of Tindersticks and Lambchop, beautiful vocals and warm instrumentation. The album It's A Wide Wide Sea is something truly special. Here's a couple of tracks from the album.

Fireworks Night - The Gold Leaves
Fireworks Night - Long Time Healing

The Mules are not your average band. Their songs draw on polka, traditional Greek Music, Beefheart and PIL . Now I know this sounds like it would be an unholy mess but trust me it's far from it. Their EP Grab Your Musket is the latest product of these disperate influences.

The Mules - Polly O

Pontiak wanted to form the sort of group that they would listen to - one not particularly concerned with genres, boundaries or fitting into any one scene. While they haven't necessarily achieved this grand aim they've certainly produced some fine music persuing their goal. They have an EP The White Buffalo available at shows so if you live in the Baltimore area it might be worth checking them out.

Pontiak - The Letter Said
Pontiak - Aztec Blood

And in case you were wondering all the photos accompanying my posts are by Brightside Photography

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