The Woodlands has not yet sunken! Do yourself a favor and delve into the sounds of Deloris. Hailing from Melbourne, these guys just released an 8 track acoustic cd and though I've yet to hear any of it, I can assure you that the tracks below will catch your ears just right! Their site contains songs aplenty, along with further information on the band, so see what you think. "The Unbroke Part Of It" is one that should get you going. Hear | See

Deloris - The Unbroke Part Of It
Deloris - Local Antarctica
Deloris - Playing The Spaces (Video)

Keep your eyes peeled for a review next week....yeah, it's actually going to appear in the reviews section as well!

Sufjan Stevens played a new song titled "The Lord God Bird" on All Things Considered.

Joanna Newsom show and undecided will be posted in the live section this weekend.

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