Three artists from all corners of the musical world to bring to your attention today. Firstly the high octane dance music of nervous_testpilot. He has a new EP called Determinance out on Freedom Road Records which features music from the forthcoming computer game of the same name which will be issued by Mode 7.

nervous_testpilot - Spacetime

The Humdrum Express is a young fella from Kidderminster in the Midlands of the UK. His debut album All Aboard covers all bases of British pop from Suede to the Ordinary Boys and even Carter. He's offering up a couple of sample tracks from his budget priced CD.

The Humdrum Express - Consolation Prize
The Humdrum Express - Hope It Goes Away

And to wrap up today's post some fey indie pop courtesy of Tales Of Jenny. Formed at University and having temporarily gone their seperate ways they had time to make some bedroom recordings before dispersing. E-mail them through their website and encourage them to get back together.

Tales Of Jenny - Prague Spring
Tales Of Jenny - Other Boys
Tales Of Jenny - Eye For Ivy

Photo courtesy of Brightside Photography

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