Kingsbury Manx are releasing a new album - "The Fast Rise and Fall of the South" - via Yep Roc Records on the 20th of September. Yep Roc has set up a page with some recent news. In the past, you'd be hard pressed to find anything on these guys so it's a welcome addition. They put on one of the more impressive shows I've ever seen...try and catch them if they come your way!

Kingsbury Manx - Harness And Wheel - From "The Fast Rise and Fall of The South"
Kingsbury Manx - Pelzkomet - From "Aztec Discipline"
Kingsbury Manx - Porchlight - From "Let You Down"
Kingsbury Manx - Cross Your Eyes - From "The Kingsbury Manx"

"Tim Fite was one of the small number of babies born between 1975 and 1983 without any blood. Although seemingly healthy, his veins were as dry as his bones. Most of the other babies with this condition were immediately quarantined, and later dissected by leading scientists to determine the cause of such an anomaly (generally to no avail and in extreme secrecy). Tim Fite, however, survived the pokings and proddings of multiple rounds of clandestine-testing, and was eventually hooked up to a machine. The machine that gave him his blood.

Since then, Tim Fite has recorded a few different albums, under various aliases, in a multiplicity of genres....." - Read more.

Stream "Gone Ain't Gone." It's quite the interesting listen.

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