Singer/Guitarist James Levy, Mike Jones(drums), James Broughel(bass), and Matt Siskin(guitar) form the band Levy and make some of the more accessible diverse gems I've heard recently. The songs are delicious from all corners of the room for these NYC undergrounders who formed over a year ago. "This is our art, no one is gonna tell us how to do it."

Levy - Rotton Love
Levy - On The Dance Floor
Levy - In The Woods

Arctic is the project of one Marcus Martin, a fella based in Vancouver, BC. He's got a unique touch when playing - Samples a clip from his guitar then layers it like a cake(comparable to Andrew Bird or Owen Pallett of FF). It's good stuff, and while dark at times, the guy's knows what he's doing and will catch your ear right quick. Have a peek.

Arctic - Some One Turning
Arctic - Launching Pad

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