Phosphorescent were one of Tiny Mix Tapes reviews today and instantly caught my ear with their off-the-wall, bank left, turn 195 degrees, there you go...What the guy is 26 and from Alambama and part of the Misra Records ensamble. The sound is best heard with some grilled onions caramelizing - for me at least. See what you think, quite good.

Phosphorescent - Joe Tex, These Taming Blues
Phosphorescent - I Am A Full Grown Man(I Will Lay In The Grass All Day)

Luke Tan just released an ablum for download on the net, and make no mistake, this isn't just some joe schmo deciding he wants his music heard. I still for the life of me can't place the sound....but I figure marshmellows, a few pointed sticks, and a campfire to be an ideal setting for these songs. Except for "Hypochristian" - this guys got something to say. And make sure to visit the album available for d/l.

Luke Tan - Frankie Machine(The Suicide King)
Luke Tan - Hypochristian

I got the new Holowpaw from Subpop which I must say is a solid sohpomore effort. What I found to be more interesting is that I can't get the Cd out of the Cd I have no option but to listen to these guys to and fro work. Not a bad thing though - yet! Why hasn't this been thought of already!?!?

Man I've been slackin....another review in the coming days from Andrew Gregory. I'm revamping the site so I can make updates efficient and hopefully a new show in the coming days.

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