cough, cough...these cobwebs are out of control!

The Palace Flophouse throw themselves under the indie/acoustic/folk classification, covering all bases we attempt to run here at AW. The acoustic is the main drive of the sound and the lyrics aren't just words to fill the air. I hope to hear more of these guys.

The Palace Flophouse at MySpace.

Evan Goodberry makes delicate folk-ish gems. I found each song to be rather impressive. Mystery and Misery puts it best - "There’s a nice mix of additional guitars, keys, and backing vocals, all played subtly so as not to overwhelm Goodberry’s voice and guitar, and they greatly add to these mellow but lovely songs." Additionally, I'm not sure why, but I'm finding a hint of a Sufjan Stevens in these sounds.

Evan Goodberry - Saturday
Evan Goodberry - Epilogue
Evan Goodberry - St. Louis Evan Goodberry - Thunderstorms(clip)

A few tracks from insound:

Chin Up Chin Up - Collide The Tide(remix)
Tim Fite - No Good Here
Jose Gonzalez - Crosses

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