I stumbled upon José González at insound, I think. He's really an intriguing listen, "crosses" caught my ear with it's darkness. Have a go!

José González - Crosses

Official Site
At MySpace

Since I'm light years behind, this is probably old news, but I found it quite neat that Isaac Brock has formed his own label, Glacial Palace. The first to sign? None other than Mason Jennings, interesting. Oh, and I apologize but the Modest Mouse & Ugly Casanova Live Section is no more due to some letter I received which didn't make much sense but none of them usually do...did that make sense? Eh.

Chad VanGaalen ended up on a Subpop sampler I received a while ago. He's got some sounds which were thrown under psych-pop in a review today by Tiny Mix Tapes!

Chad VanGaalen - Clinically Dead
Chad VanGaalen - Echo Train

Ah, yes, and Paul Duncan has released something new titled "Be Careful What You Call Home." Home-Tapes

Paul Duncan - Oil In The Fields
Paul Duncan - Letdownville ~From To An Ambient Hollywood~

Variety Pack
The Strugglers - Rejection Letter, The Strugglers - The Cascade Range, Love Is Chemicals - Everyone Is On It, Dora Flood - Stargazing, The Moogs - Disco

And the next to last thing. Ash's sister Alexe plays piano, guitar, and has a great voice. Here's a video from her first live performance at Jammin Java doing two original songs.

And the last thing - Our families boxer Eddie passed away on Tuesday November 8th, since I've been movie happy of late, here's a link to the movie I made. We'll miss him.

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