I forgot to post the last update of the year before I went 5,000 feet above sea level to celebrate the end of 2004. Oh well. My quest - 31 days with 31 bands - ended up an update or four short, but nevermind, that was then. Part of todays update is from then, but that was last year....so....happy new year.

"Go to *sixeyes and scroll for the telepathic butterflies. It's some super stuff." Here's a direct link to the Telepathic Butterflies site where you can find some songs and a quick link. Get over to sixeyes for some more goodies from them and many others.

Telepathic Butterflies - All Very Hoopla!
Telepathic Butterflies - Sunshine Radio
Telepathic Butterflies - A Final Word

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 Movie (via lhb)

Our Music Reviewer Spoon(see Music Reviews) suggested The Crimea last week. Here's a track Fred Flinstone/Baby Boom from a Peel session. Couldn't find white russian.

Seeing as this is what this site was going to be used for once upon a time, I decided to post a couple tracks I made a long time ago. As usual, the vocals disappeared.

Ayres - Untitled
Ayres - Untitled

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