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Matt Marquee is a singer/songwriter from Chicago and has had helping hands from a variety of people - Glenn Kotche (Wilco), Griffin Rodriguez (HIM), Gillian Lisee (Fruit Bats), Ben Massarella (Califone). "I think some people tend to gravitate towards music in order to exorcise their personal demons or find meaning in their lives or get in touch with their emotions or what have you. It’s possible but I don’t know that that is the case with what I do. Mostly I’m trying to make something that is beautiful to me." - MM (Truckstop Records)

Matt Marquee - High
Matt Marquee - We (Simultaneously
Matt Marquee - Here We Are

I stumbled upon this track "Love Will" by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names on Talkie Walkie. They've been around for about a year or so and really throw catchy sounds around. It reminds me of a song I can't seem to recall. Doo Doo doodoo duh duh. No.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Love Will
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent a Wreck

Sounds from Labrador Records

"For a decade now, Superchunk frontman and Merge Records label guy Mac McCaughan has used the Portastatic pseudonym to pursue his musical obsessions outside his main gig. Throughout the '90s, McCaughan recorded three records of instrumental experimentalism and cinematic sound-scaping -- with a few bursts of pure indie rock thrown in -- under this alias: I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle ('94), Slow Note from a Sinking Ship ('95), and The Nature of Sap ('97)." - Epitonic

Portastatic - Chesapeake
Portastatic - Stealing Romance
Portastatic - Noisy Night

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