I was able to check out The Avett Brothers on Friday at IOTA with some cronies and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't own an album before the trip, but stumbled out with two in hand. I'd heard a few tracks they'd posted on their site and another one that made it's way around the net recently, but other than that wasn't really sure what to expect. The energy these guys brought to the stage was inspiring. An acoustic, banjo, stand up bass, good lyrics and two great voices all seemed to fill the right spots at the right time. The Mammals were supposedly the headlining show but things would have clearly been better off reversed. The Mammals were more of your traditional bluegrass sound, but seemed a bit out of place after such a performance by the Avett Brothers. I'm not sure what else to say....it was great.

The lack of updates is solely due to the fact that I'm redesigning and hit a brick wall. It's not going to be much different. The Modest Mouse show from BC has been encoded and will be placed in the extramile section in the next day or two. For real, I finally found the first disk.

For DC and the surrounding area, the Mouse will appear on Austin City Limits with Guided By Voices at 2Am on the 23rd of January.

Greg Weeks was featured on pitchfork a couple days ago for his recent release titled Blood is trouble. He has an interesting story concerning his bout with carpel tunnel/tendonitis which has hindered his playing for awhile now. He plays guitar for the Espers who have a fantastic CD out themselves.

Greg Weeks - Shady Skies and Lullabies
Greg Weeks - Leaves and Limerance

Sweeder - "This Chicago-based indie threesome creates lovely little pop songs that are infused with the ethereal atmosphere of the kinds of dreams from which you wake up smiling. The music is warm, luscious, velvety; it sidles up beside you and strokes your senses. This isn't to suggest that it's not without its rough, lonesome, anguished moments, but these are always framed by the overall loveliness of the songs' compositions, allowing you to experience them without anxiety." - Epitonic

Sweeder - Moon
Sweeder - Bells Lament

The Arcade Fire featured a new song on their KCRW performance called "intervention" and covered a magnetic fields track.

Some lhb news clips:
Joanna Newsom to play on Jimmy Kimmel
We Will Become Silhouettes video from the United States Postal Service.
The rise of Mozilla and Firefox

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