Tiny Mix Tapes spat out some great news last week regarding Portishead and The Robot Ate Me. Portishead are preparing to release their first album in 7+ years while The Robot Ate Me are re-releasing On Vacation with splendidly special new artwork with a jewel case containing beads and berries, not the hand carved booklet. They then follow that up with a special new album in April titled Kill Rock Stars. I believe On Vacation to be one of the top 5 albums of 2004 in terms of experimentation, lyricism, and overall play calling.

Speaking of play calling, The Eagles and Patriots are set to face off in Jacksonville in two weeks. Yay. Two teams I despise. The Eagles rolled over the Falcons and the Pats burried Burger.

The Robot Ate Me - On Vacation(mpg)

Centro-Matic is coming to DC9 on the 1st of March.

Centro-Matic - Flashes and Cables
Centro-Matic - Numbers 1 and 3
Will Johnson of CM- Karchers Contacts
Will Johnson of CM- Murder of Tides

A Graham and the Moment Band - Glorious
A Graham and the Moment Band - Motorcycle Shades

Cass McCombs also just released a new album titled PREfection. He's touring in the west with MM.
Cass McCombs - Sacred Heart

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