Thanks to the eclectic Largehearted Boy for the kind words today though I've been a bit of a slacker lately. He linked up a couple of shows from the live section. Thanks.

Dealership were thrown together by a couple of UC Berkeley composition students Chris Groves and Wetherell(Chris). Quite an impressive pop sound follows, even more so considering how it became.

Dealership - Tetsuo
Dealership - California

Blake Thomas and The Downtown Brown are a band from Madison, Wisconsin. Folk/Bluegrass is the genre from which they reside beneath. The track "Hardly in Tune" was brought to my attention via a buddy over at yerbird records. Check out the Hank Williams line around 3:15.

Blake Thomas and The Downtown Brown - Hardly in Tune
Blake Thomas and The Downtown Brown - Sarah

I think this guy Jason Collett must have gotten mixed up amidst the Broken Social Scene buzz. I only heard a few snippets from the album on Arts & Crafts site, but it sounded intriguing. You can stream the album here.

Eye Of Science
Look at Book

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