One day that spring Cynthia said to Anna, "Let's play some music. You can play the guitar and sing, and I'll play drums. Neither of us knows how. It'll be fun." - Carrot top records

The Naysayer - Dead End Road
The Naysayer - Woman on 11th Street

Another intriguing listen I found over at carrot top was the Tall Dwarfs. "Pioneers of the lo-fi aesthetic, the Tall Dwarfs spluttered into life during 1979 by singers/songwriters Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate following the demise of their previous band, the legendary Toy Love." - Carrot top Records

Tall Dwarfs - Meet The Beatle
Tall Dwarfs - Baby It's Over

A balloon solo? Genius! "Jennifer Gentle comes from Padova, a foggy city in Northern Italy, not so far from Venice. She was born in early 2000 and her short life has been both quiet and tumultuous, at the same time. Actually, Jennifer Gentle is not a girl, but a band formed by two guys: Marco Fasolo, 23, who sings and plays guitar, and Alessio Gastaldello, 30, thinking drummer." - Subpop

Jennifer Gentle - I Do Dream You

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