The Furtips are from Amsterdam and make enjoyable pop tunes with catchy sounds, keyboards, and a voice just as unique as the lyrics. They hooked up with Animal World Recordings in 1998.

Furtips - Chosen Ones
Furtips - Bunny Falcon

"If the Devil makes work for idle hands, than Anton LaVey would be awfully proud of Duochrome. A year in the making, between many idle hours of TV viewing, Tactical Knives serves up 14 helping of that devilishly tasty indie-pop that you've grown to love." - Epitonic

Duochrome - Shimmer Protector
Duochrome - Standard Deviation

Unfortunately Duochrome and Caterpillar don't have homes(at least ones that I can find) on the web. Caterpillar make songs filled with some rather different lyricism which makes it that more entertaining while giving a listen. "Pine Cone" and "Nimble Tongs Wait" are two tracks from Peace, Love, and Popularity

Caterpillar - Pine Cone
Caterpillar - Nimble Tongs Wait

Chan Marshall speaking with The New Zealand Herald....always interesting.

Get your tickets for the Haymaker Festival which will have musicians raning from Keller Williams to the Drive By Truckers to the Hackensaw Boys....the festival is a three day event in VA. Early bird specials just went on sale for $55.

Apparently the Suicide Girls dating service - or whatever the hell it is - has taken over the net. You know the feeling, you cruise to read a review at pitchfork or something and as you scroll through you the review you cease to realize a half naked chick dolled up to look like a "freak" sits on the side of your screen as a co-worker busts in....It's begun to pop up on other music related sites recently. Money talks.....

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