"The lucys began in 1996 as the vehicle for Jesse Jameson's beautiful and warbling folk rock songwriting." The songs stand in between folk and...I dunno, pop? Regardless, it's welcome.

The Lucys - Ghosts of the Drainage Ditch
The Lucys - Invitation

Stumbled across Between Thought and Expression via Lhb this morning which features a Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan session from CBS in 1969.

Johnny & Bob - Ring Of Fire

Jack Johnson is releasing a new ablum titled In Between Dreams March 1st. You can view the video for the single "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" Here.

Morning Recordings is the solo work of Pramod Tummala whose main gig was with Melochrome till they decided to take a break. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as yet another musician was able to set out and bring his own ideas to fruition.

Morning Recordings - Summer Tapes

I'd like to get the M. Ward and Jimi tunes back up soon, so bear with if you're waiting patiently.

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