Go get M. Wards new album, Transistor Radio...Go on then...if you're hesitant to do so, go and have a listen to it. Tiny Mix Tapes and Pitchfork both seemed to enjoy it.

Crooked Fingers is KEXP this morning/afternoon @ 12. If you're not a crooked fingers fan, say the hell with it and go and have a listen to KEXP anyway, it's a great station.

Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight, Goodnight
The Wedding Present - Interstate 5
Biirdie - You've Got Darkness

The tracks above are from Hot Hot Heat and The Wedding Presents new disks....I think

The last 12 Pixie(s) shows (thanks lhb)

The always steady Each Note Secure features two tracks that didn't make it onto the Wrens 2003 effort, The Meadowlands.

The Unicorn Feathers site is slowly coming together. I had the track "Bad News" up here a little while back, but here are some other sounds...good stuff.

Apple Pie is originally a British recipe...

Let me plug in and get the M. Ward show back up as we shall celebrate the release of Transistor Radio. Check back this evening.

And last but not least, a tribute to the late Hunter S. Thompson. Here's the last article he wrote over at Espn's Page 2.

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