Denouement - formed semi-recently - are from the west coast. I know nothing about them apart from that. I stumbled into them at Talkie Walkie. Anyway, "Clotted Together" was a track that stuck out to me which I thoroughly enjoyed. "Down and Inside Out" was another.

Denouement - Clotted Together
Denouement - Down and Inside Out

"Compute is the name of a one-woman project consisting of Ulrika Mild. I make lo-fi sythpop; synthetic music that someone forgot to wipe clean. When compute performs live, my friend Renee Gustafsson helps me out by playing splendid keyboard and singing enchanting backing vocals, but otherwise it's just me and my machines. And you of course, listening in the other end. Welcome." Electroid pop it is, and it's a nice listen. They've just released an EP on Freedom Road Records.

Compute - Dance With Me
Compute - I Will Be With You
Compute - Turn Your Head

M. Ward show is back up.

And for D.C. and the surrounding area, Lou Barlow will be at IOTA on the 5th of March. Following him up on the 8th is the Avett Brothers, who we saw a little over a month ago. They put on a terrific show. Centro-matic will also be in town on March 1st. The Animal Collective, Bloc Party, and The Wedding Present follow in April early May.

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