I mentioned Eric Hurlock a couple of weeks ago so I figured why not do a revisit seeing as my post contained absolutely nothing. He's a singer/songwriter from planet earth with a knack for making some good stuff. It's no secret that the Woodlands enjoy all of the above, especially when an acoustic is thrown into the mix. He's a talented guitar player and songwriter. I look forward to hearing some more material in the future. Here are few more tracks which I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Eric Hurlock - Cornfield
Eric Hurlock - Hole In The Ground
Eric Hurlock - Cheaper Less Painful
Eric Hurlock - Old Ways

Thanks again Morgan for the heads up...check out the link as he'll be releasing a disk in the near future from Sounds Like Fall titled The Wolf Is At The Door. Another great singer/songwriter.

Andrew Bird fits nicely with them all. He's from Chicago. The track "A Nervous Tic Motion of The Head to the Left" is stuck in my head. Partly because I feel I've heard it before, but mostly because it's a great song. Here's a link to his sounds. A notable link contained within that page is the Woodsongs radio hour. "the world's biggest online acoustic performance archive." Wow. Thanks Spoon (see music reviews)

Andrew Bird - A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left

Explosions In The Sky make some great instrumental music. Have a gander at their site and check out these eight shows they've got available at The Archive.

A Thanksgiving album has been released. Some crazy story about the UPC's not being available or something so it sat for a couple years in some warehouse.

Thanksgiving - Ageism

Modest Mouse has a Poster Series they've been selling at their shows since early January. Each one contains a lyric varying from poster to poster intertwined with some art.

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