"East River Pipe is one F.M. Cornog, who wrote, performed, recorded and mixed all of the sounds you hear on this record at his home in New Jersey on a Tascam 388 mini-studio. But the music herein could hardly be accused of sounding "lo-fi"; it practically shimmers. Cornog is a master at his craft; an artisan of melody and emotional lyricism. A connoisseur of simple yet uplifting pop songs. A genius at gleaning a lot from a little. There’s no fancy pants producer behind the glass, no six figure recording budget, and there will be no huge marketing blitz. No cross country tours. No flashy music videos. What we have here is simply some of the most enchanting music you are likely to hear this or in any other year. Sometimes, it’s the music itself that matters." - Merge Records

East River Pipe - Make a Deal With The City
East River Pipe - Baltimore

I Love Math. I Do. This is an album that I sort of put aside for awhile but finally purchased recently. Their self titled debut clocks in at just under 30 minutes. Led by John Dufilho and Jason Garner - along with other guests - the disk packs a punch and glides along without hesitation. With only three of the eleven tracks timed above 3 minutes, it's really tough to not appreciate what the band brings to the table. If you don't enjoy a song, it's over before it began. The whole Cd is acousticly driven, with the occasional banjo thrown in. You can pick it up at Cd Baby. Pop.

I Love Math - Just Like Everyone
I Love Math - On The Green

Modest Mouse's 2-26-00 Victoria, BC show is up in the extramile section. It's probably one of my favorites. The recording is superb. On tracks such as Cowboy Dan and Tundra/Desert, you can actually understand what Issac is saying while doing the pickup thing. The show features extended Jams on most songs, especially the 20 minute version of Tundra....Green and Judy have a little 3 minute solo jam as well. Also contained is the Jawbreaker/Sweater Song or whatever the hell people refer to it as. The reverb on isaacs voice throughout gives the show a nice touch. I just noticed a glitch on "Trailer Trash" so if you notice any others, let me know.

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