I really enjoy what Arco are getting at. Arco's Chris Healey, his brother Nick, and Dave Milligan make some impressive and mostly laid back pop. In "Alien", the drums and bass are quietly brought forth about 35 seconds to join the gently strummed acoustic. C. Healey - in a subtle, quiet way - throws a nice dose of unique lyrics on top of all three components to make "Alien" an intriguing listen. "Arco is comprised of singer/guitarist chris healey, his identical twin brother nick healey on drums, and bassist dave milligan. they live in london and have been playing since 1998. the name arco is italian for bow." - Bio from Pehr Records

Arco - Alien
Arco - Lie
Arco - All This World

I can't find anything on this guy Luke Abrahms. I tried taking the "h" out of his last name and came up with a Luke Abrams and found one, only it was a different guy. This Luke was part of the "Moped Army", a group of moped gangsta's! "The Moped Army is the organizational end result of an outcropping of moped enthusiasts throughout the nation. Seeing it as more than just an easy and inexpensive way to get around town, members uphold the moped as a way of life!"

This one track I found of Luke Abrahms is an acoustic instrumental. The guy seems well versed with his guitar playing, and throws some neat sounds on top. I wish I knew some more as I'd like to hear it. If anyone knows of any links to this guy, please post.

Luke Abrahms - Jessica

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