Sorry Everybody. There's a lot of truth to this picture. Anyway, four more years of recklessness, no reason to bitch any longer.

I am redesigning(again)

In an attempt to get things back on the right track I added another Modest Mouse show to the Extramile section. There are a couple of glitches here and there because the recording was taken from a radio station, but the quality is quite good. I'd also like to add that Jim Morrison session a couple weeks before he died at some point.

Mark Eitzel is an intriguing listen. "Proclaim Your Joy" is the album closer from his latest release Invisible Man which pitchfork spoke highly of. I enjoy the way this track flows as well as a couple of the other tracks I've heard. And an Interview if you're interested.

Pattern is Movement ooze that "Math Rock" people speak of. Have you heard? It's freakin me out. This track has a spooky but most enjoyable sound. There are some more tracks here. Pitchspork's Review.

David Dondero throws out a live acoustic diddy for you all.

I believe this Doug Martsch track has been posted on here before, but long ago. I have no idea where/when this recording took place. If my memory serves me well, Built to Spill are releasing an album soon. No release date has been set yet bet let get net set yet.

Mark Eitzel - Proclaim Your Joy
Pattern Is Movement - Albatross
David Dondero - Pre-invasion Jitters
Doug Martsch - Three Years Ago Today(live solo)