This'll be a quickie as I'm short on time, but here it goes.

I think this is great.

This version of The Flaming Lips "Turn it on" with the blugrass twist is delectable. Swinging from the bluegrass to the Delta Blues and....

Mississippi John Hurt. His guitar playing is incredible. Steadily playing bass with his thumb while picking away effortlessly on those poor strings. This track is from a live album in 65' at Oberlin College. "Stagolee was a bad man. Robbed a coal mine one time. Get me right" One of his more popular tunes. Here's a great story about his amazing roller coaster ride of a life.

Ever since Kingsbury Manx almost blew us out of the Black Cat with this track "Fields," I've been a huge fan. This song builds up momentum to the point of explosion. You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the drums to kick in and the guitar to shred your ears apart....but it never happens. A light acoustic pops in after about 4 minutes and you get back to reading your book. Magnífico.

The Flaming Lips - Turn It On (bluegrass version)
Mississippi John Hurt - Stagolee
Kingsbury Manx - Fields