I went and checked out Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks last night. I was introduced to him via the barns at Wolftrap about 3 years ago, and last night was another exceptional performance by the group. A mix of swing, jazz, jams, scat-a-tat and to top it off the guy is hilarious. Good stuff. If you're a Sopranos fan, you may have heard the track "Where's the money?" played on an episode before. A clip of that track is below, and if you'd like to hear a few others click here. I'll be going back for thirds next time.

Definitely check out that Arcade Fire recording on the left. I think they come as far South as NYC in the next month or so, I thnk it's imperative that we make the trip after hearing this recording and reading some of their live reviews.

The Top 40 bands today.

Create a Tree. I have no idea what this is about because I have no sound at the moment, but it looks interesting.

Along with the Dan Hicks clip is a track from a band called Spouse. I like the sound the guys produce. After a quick listen, the lead singer actually sounds eerily similar to Jeff Tweedy. They'll be coming this way on the 29th of November to The Gallaxy for Free. FREE.

I dug this Wilco track up from a live show I had recorded Towson, MD. "She's a Jar" is from their album "summerteeth." I love the lyrics and this track as a whole.

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks - Where's The Money?
Spouse - Sad Not Trashed
Wilco - She's a Jar