Eclectoid pop is one way to describe Asobi Seksu. "The band melds lush yet wonderfully crushing waves of white noise in variation with synth-driven pop delicacies and tight lounge progressions ala Stereolab." This pretty much smacks "sooner" on the button. They are releasing a Christmas split 12" with PAS/CAL for the holidays.

Dear Nora's track "On To September" integrates a beautiful voice, acoustic guitar, and a few subtle dollops of bass drum all in under two minutes to produce a captivating sound that will leave you digging for more.

"Part One" from Dilute is an instrumental which brings at first listen a sound which mimics that of an electronically assisted sound bite(that's what my ears thought), only to figure out shortly thereafter that this is in fact a guitar. Far from Diluted(C'mon, you knew that was coming), the band combines a variety of other sounds and pulls what seems to be difficult at first, off.

Should. I feel like I should be in a church when I hear this song. Something with the organ. Although I probably would have burst into flames when I walked into this church, I think this song put the flames out. A very dreamy tune which leaves me in the last row twiddling my thumbs. What any of my take on this track means I'm not sure, just forget about it.

Sounds from Words On Music Records
Below the surface of the "Float On" video.
Some Elliot Smith rarities.

Asobi Seksu - Sooner
Dear Nora - On To September
Dilute - Part One
Should - Both Eyes Open