If you enjoy The Shins then you're sure to go spastic when you hear Flake Music, the original sounds that eventually became....them. The Shins, and I guess this tracks title was a deciding factor of what was to come. If you've yet to invest in Flake Music's "When you Land Here it's Time to Return," I suggest doing so as it's filled with luscious pop - spelled backwards - gems that give you an idea of what the soil was before that little sprout snuck through.

Lazarus and Gelcaps are the epitome of that lo-fi sound. Lazarus begins "Singing to Thieves" with an acoustic track that's levels seems to accidentally have been pushed a bit high, but eventually evens out, intentionally, as the tune carries on. Gelcaps' "Nothing is Invisible" sets the tone with a distorted piano(??), then "falsetto confessions and lazy pop jams" follow on this very enjoyable tune.

Far are one of those bands that snuck beneath the radar in the early 80's only to be "rediscovered" 10-15 years or so later. Very catchy.

Flake Music - The Shins
Lazarus - Singing To Thieves
Gelcaps - Nothing is Invisible
Far - Mother Mary

Ahh, yet again Turkey day has come and gone. Apparently I was not sedated by the Turkey this year, and never have been in my life.

The most exciting news today comes from Subpop. Iron & Wine/Sam Beam is releasing a single titled Passing Afternoon in the UK. The disk contains the number "Communion Cups and Someone's Coat," an unreleased track and perhaps a little preview of what to expect from his new work, "Woman King," that's to be released in February of 2005. Sam's quick isn't he?!

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I'll have a complete update this evening, but for now here's some:

Live Mum
The Yardbirds
Six Pack from Six Eyes