Motley Crue?

Phil Spectors A Christmas Gift For You is my favorite Christmas disk ever produced. I'm not exactly a connoisseur of Christmas albums, but I think I've heard this disk played by my parents every Christmas morning since I was 2. The vocals displayed throughout this disk are undeniably stout, the musicianship taut, and each cover has been served justice. A great Christmas present for all ages. Then I saw this posted at Music For Robots Thursday night. Blast! Plan foiled! Darlene Love's original tune Christmas "(Baby Please Come Home)" is an unforgetable track and check out Death Cab For Cutie covering the same tune as well. Well done MFR.

Camera Obscura Records have some very intriguing artists. Most notably Verdure and Greyscale. Verdure staple the "unique vision of psychedelia, folk, Modernist poetry, & experimentation." Thoroughly enjoying the Verdure. The Greyscale track is a delectable instrumental. Check out a bunch of other artists here

Greyscale - Flight One Hundred

Verdure - Graveyard Porchlight
Verdure - Miner
Verdure - Moonlanding