Though it's offbeat, Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings lost last week. I'm sure you had no idea. The guy went through 74 straight episodes amassing over 2.5 million dollars. So he had to have done something different in those 74 straight games, right? Right? His different signatures. And here's the audio of him botching the last question....ha. He's also writing a book.

Back to earth. Iron & Wine's "Woman King" will be an EP with six tracks produced by Brian Deck.

Fiona Apple has had an album finished for a year and a half, and Sony Music/Epic records won't release it. Not too surprising I guess. Free Fiona. They had a similar technique with Modest Mouse's latest release as well, delaying it for about 8 months. Pigs.

•Some audio/video from Nirvana's new box set release(finally) "With The Lights Out."
•The Arrogants
•Le Tigre - New Kicks
•Jack White & Bob Dylan - Ball and Biscuit