Just Concerts has quite an impressive archive of live shows available to be streamed. Among those are The Fiery Furnaces, Frank Black & The Catholics, Four Tet, Hot Hot Heat, Mum, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Tangiers, The Notwist, The Robot Ate Me, The Sea & Cake, The Shins and The Unicorns. Plenty others are available on the site.

Tom Waits turned 55 today

"The Bother, (aka William Rahilly), fuses finely crafted melodies with well-conceived lyrics -- resulting in songs that will leave you happy, sad, and at times tapping your toes."

Team Chocolate just released an EP and this track "Horse With Broken Legs" is their debut release. Now if I could just find the link to their label. Coming soon.

"The Papercuts are part of the emerging San Francisco indie-singer/songwriter scene that produced the critically acclaimed Cass McCombs and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. The band is the brainchild of Jason Quever, who engineered and produced Cass' first two releases."

The Bother - Not A Day
Team Chocolate - Horse With Broken Legs
The Papercuts - Pan American Blues
The Papercuts - A Fairy Tale