Caught up in Cloud 9
Until a phone call slapped me in the face, I somehow managed to forget I was to attend the Pixies last night at Constitution Hall. For some reason, it was etched within my cranium that I had picked the second night.....anyway, order was restored and I was on my way.

The Pixies were super and the seat ended up being better than anticipated. They were tight except for a blip at the beginning of "Debaser" with Santiago's guitar, and I don't think Lovering stopped hitting the drums for about 2 hours. I had read in a few places that people thought Franks voice had lost a step. Naturally...but I didn't notice a damn thing. It seemed to me he was able to hit any which note as if it were 15 years ago...maybe it was just the fact that it was live. Regardless, the show was great...I'm glad I'll be able to say I've seen the Pixies. Hightlighs for myself were "No. 13," "Vamos," and "Where is my mind." Video, pics, and some tracks to follow tomorrow(PC means Piece of Crap today).

They'll also be featured on a PBS show in January if I got this right. Some other interesting acts due to appear as well, check your local listings. PBS Schedule

I'm not sure what to think of this Refined Defiance tune. It almost reminds me of Burning Wood in a way. Lyrics seem to be forgotten in some parts, singers might be obliterated, but overall, it's grown on me.

Refined Defiance - Tonight I Ride to The Red Queen