Sam Jayne took his solo act on the road awhile back with James Mercer, Rosie Thomas, and Sam Beam. Not a bad crowd. His full time gig is with Love as Laughter. Anyway, here's a couple solo tracks from Sam.

Sam Jayne - Hoboken
Sam Jayne - Rosie's Factory

My main machine crapped out. I had to completely reinstall everything and then the dog ate my hard drive. I didn't have a computer for three days, but managed to drive to Indiana for some access. Go get Firefox to avoid this hassle.

Jeremiah Green drummed for these guys The Vells for a short while after taking off from Modest Mouse last year. Some nice sounds.

The Vells - In Sunless Seas
The Vells - Light On The Right
The Vells - Larger Than Life

Speaking of Modest Mouse, largehearted had this KROQ show from 10 days ago linked through his site(bittorrent). Hopefully it's not too late to jump on.

The Six Parts Seven(Sam Beam remake) - Sleeping Diagonally
The Six Parts Seven - [This One Or That One?]
S - Falling
The Aislers Set - Catherine Says

Courtesy of Suicide Squeeze

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