"The Best of..." is a common theme found across most online music reads this time of year. And after reading a few of the larger ones, I much prefer Tiny Mix Tapes Top 25 List compared to some of the crap pitchfork has been dishing out. Sorry if you're a fan, but I'm not used to seeing Brittany Spears in the top 5, among other questionables, regardless of the category. PF still does some neat stuff, but I just found a few things discouraging as the year progressed. TMT also threw an additional B-Side List and My Favorite Songs of The Year I Could Draw. Anyone else having similar thoughts on pitchforks decline?

Viking Moses have been touring with Devendra Banhart for a little bit, with the end of the European leg being sometime in November. One track was featured on Golden Apples of The Sun, a compilation from a variety of artists, with tracks being handpicked by Devendra(If I recall correctly). After ones take on a show, and another, I had to dig a little further which actually brought me next to nothing. Have a streaming listen.

I stumbled on Ryan Stively & his poison band while finding some - or not - stuff out about Viking Moses.

Ryan Stively & his Poison Band - Your Technology

NPR's Holiday Music 2004 with sounds ranging from Death Cab For Cutie to Frankie Sinatra.

Ken Tuckers best of 2004

Go check out the The Plug Awards of the year.

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