Barzin have a sincere air lingering about in the lyrics and compositions that caught my ear off the bat. In their own description - "Slow and melancholic, introspective and confessional: These words in some ways describe the sound of Barzin." From Toronto, this three piece began work sometime back in 95'. Impressive.

Barzin - Past All Concerns
Barzin - Pale Blue Eyes

Sufjan Stevens has a few Christmas tunes that are being shared (via lhb)

And here's a sample mp3 from the PAS/CAL • Asobi Seksu Christmas split 12" (via The Suberbs Are Killing Us)

I am retracting on what I previously said about pitchfork because the final best of wasn't that bad at all. I think it was the whole singles thing. I assume they get the numbers that indicate the top 50 singles elsewhere and I'll just shut up now. I'm still leaning towards TMT. Here's their Top 50.

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