Merry (late) Christmas everybody.

I received an email from the Nixon yesterday, a band from Holland. They do some pretty neat stuff. Here's a couple of their older work:

Nixon - Sweetest Pain
Nixon - This Time The Girl(Is a Boy)

To some more recent songs...from the Cigarettes and Rainy Days Ep;

Nixon Loves You - Ashes Of Us
Nixon Loves You - Redline Landscape

The Mouse show from BC will be up soon.

I'm a member of the iPod nation. The things are wicked.

As New Years approaches, I can't help but get a music resolution in line. I'd love to see more shows and buy more Cds - that certainly tops the list. Over the past 12 months a few of us have been able to catch a few phenominal shows with the Pixies being the most anticipated • the Johanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart, and Vetiver show being the most intimate and impressive • the Califone show • and Iron & Wine. We start things off on the right foot with the Arcade Fire at the end of January and The Avett Brothers and The Mammals in the middle of Jan. Support the artists!

Be safe this holiday season.

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