Apart from having a sweet name, The Wee Turtles produce a compelling rock sound with some neat hooks and lyrics dipped in sarcasm. A four piece from Geowgia, these tracks are from their debut full length This Land Is Your Land. Pitch-A-Tent Records.

The Wee Turtles - If You Ain't A Pilot
The Wee Turtles - Why The Bombers?

Meet Howard Hello. Hello. Kenseth Thibideau plays with Pinback, and has embarked on quite a few projects over the past few years. Read more. Howard Hello is a collaboration of his with Marty Anderson(Lazarus, Dilute). The layers in this track continually stack upon one another by the minute....Until three minutes, at which point some vocals make an appearance and that's it. An intriguing sound. Temporary Residence.

Howard Hello - Giving Up

Largehearted has a new design and tunes, of course.

Tried that new Budweiser B to the E the other week. It tastes like Red Bull.

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