The Dying Californian are a four piece that began playing under the name Nuzzle in 1994. Their style was hardcore at one point, a point which has since changed. As the days and years passed, so did their style, which ended up being a 184.5 degree turn and prompted them to change the band name to....The Dying Californian. It's some neat stuff.

The Dying Californian - On The Lam
The Dying Californian - Prairie Fire

Bunkbed was formed by Keith Krate. Unfortunately his story ended way too early. Check out some of the work that he did here. - "Keith Krate passed away in Sep. of 2002 leaving behind his music for us to enjoy as well as friends and extended family who continue to miss him . His last full length album has been produced in a limited run by Turn Records and Let's Go Records."

Turn Records Website.

Bunkbed - The Blunders
Bunkbed - Some Things That I Do

Modest Mouse will appear on Fox's "The O.C." Thursday January 6, 2005 (8:00 PM)

Times Square • New Years Eve • 2005 • via webcam

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