For some reason, a wide variety of music has begun to surface lately. From some of the recent pixies shows to Hendrix sitting in his apartment in 1968 playing some blues tunes. The Hendrix recording is raw. You can hear the phone ringing in the background on one track, and him flipping through his music on others. If you're interested in a copy of any of the recent pixies shows, or Hendrix for that matter, let me know, I'll burn it for you. I'll probably begin to list my collection as it grows. Anyway, for the reasons stated above, I figured I'd throw up a link to some of the Pixies recent performances as well as add Hendrix in the next week or so.
I thought this would be an interesting post. The banned Grey album. Combine the Beatles White album together with Jay-Z's Black album and wallah, you get the Grey Album. It's definitely an interesting listen. Songs such as "Mother Nature's Son," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," etc....are mixed down with Jay-Z's latest work. Click on the cover to your left for a background, some press, and to download the album. DJ Danger mouse, the producer, apparently spent two weeks for 15 hours a day brainstorming and finding a way to make this work. The results are quite entertaining.
A little Jimmy Page tribute. "White Summer" is a song composed by Page while with the Yardbirds. Nice jam on the acoustic. He later incorporated it into Zeppelin's repertoire of live performances which was a nice treat for any Zeppelin fan at the time. Jimmy Page Discography of some earlier stuff. This is a bit off course, but...Be sure to check out The Notwist and Mum. I know pitchfork bashed Mum recently, but really, who is pitchfork anyway? Haven't heard the new Mum, but the old one is solid along with The Notwists. Check out Django Reinhardt's New release. He should be in everyones collection.
A little Devendra Banhart update as the new release nears. Click the pic for a little bio. The Body Breaks is a track from the upcoming album which gets released on the 24th I believe. Like Iron & Wine, this is another example of someone going from the rough around the edges sound to studio. He's playing at IOTA on the 24th of June. Other shows in the next couple months include Califone @ IOTA and Beulah @ The Black Cat.