Awry. Things have gone a bit. I guess this'll be more like a Friday update. The first track is from some Swedish dudes called The Legends. "Call It Ours" is catchy, poppy, and well worth a listen. I was able to find a review of these guys but not an actual site. They're an eight piece that formed in 2003, that's about all I can tell you. Secondly, the Animal Collective have been buzzing around for quite awhile now. Their sounds are different and welcomed with an open arm. Received Vetivers new album in the mail the other day along with Jolie Hollands. Two very naked albums, production wise, which just accentuates the talents of both artists. Good stuff.

The Legends - Call It Ours
Animal Collective - Slippi
Obliterated. I was cruising through some of the links to these music blogs I had posted below and ran into two very interesting tracks. First, Iron & Wine doing an unreleased track called "He Lays in The Reins." Said the Gramophone, thank you. Not sure if he did this track the IOTA performance or not. The other is Brazilian double trouble - Antonio Carols Jobim & Luiz Bonfa - doing a tune called "Samba de Orfu." Different, but nice. And last but not least, a third track by this dude I stumbled upon on Insound. Brendan Benson. I'm a fan of this dudes songwriting abilities, "Alternative for Love" caught my attention right away. I did some research and he's actually working with Jack White right now and appeared on Last Call with Daly at some point over the past few months. Definitely give him a listen.

Iron & Wine - He Lays in the Reins
Antonio Carols Jobim & Luiz Bonfa - Samba de Orfu
Brendan Benson - Alternative to Love
Change. Ordered Vetiver, Jolie Holland, and the Fiery Furnaces new - or in JH's case, old - disks yesterday. I've gone through Cheap-Cds for upwards of 50 Cds and they've never done me wrong. 2-3 days tops. Moving Units throw out a cool sound. It'll remind you of the ______. Listen to it, good stuff. I can't seem to find much about I Love Math. What's it matter though, I love them. Math. You can dig around here a little bit, but won't find much. Purchase the album through amazon and tip your waitresses. And with a wing eating contest around the corner, I figured Spoon may be able to utilize a technique or two from one of these folks. The badlands spin move technique?

Moving Units - Between Us And Them
I Love Math - On The Green
I lied. A dear friend lent me Devendra Banharts compilation "Golden Apples of the Sun" yesterday. I enjoy it very much. Thank you. Todays tracks are The Fiery Furnaces, who were reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes recently, and Rogue Wave. Give both tracks a go. Rogue Wave are Subpops recent project and we all know they've, Subpop that is, spit out quite a few of those in their time. They gave Nirvana a leg up in the early nineties and have torn through some incredible musicians recently which include Iron & Wine, The Shins, Hot Hot Heat, Postal Service and Holopaw just to name a few. Enjoy.

Fiery Furnaces Crystal Clear
Rogue Wave - Endless Shovel
The image to the left is a view of some forest fires in Utah from space. Not very exciting, but the NASA site has some ridiculous pictures if you want to check them out. Astronomy Picture of the Day is another neat one. The Secret Machines and Albino Catfish are both pretty sweet. Pitchfork and Tiny Mix Tapes both gave the Secret Machines two thumbs up, and while I've had no luck in finding many reviews on Albino Catfish, they're definitely worth a listen.

Secret Machines - Nowhere Again
Albino Catfish - Attack of The Bed Bugs
With the exception of the Vetiver track last week, I've been a slacker since the 20th of June with the posting of tunes. No more. First it's the AC Newman track, "Miracle Drug." His latest solo album, The Slow Wonder, has garnered critical acclaim. He also writes most of the lyrics for The New Pornographers. Oy, the second track is from The Streets newish album, "A Grand Don't Come For Free". Mike Skinners raps are back, solid, funny, and prove that "Original Pirate Material" was no fluke. What's next? Some new original acousticwood tunes maybe?

A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug
The Streets - Fit But You Know It
As you may have noticed, the new message board is up and running. I hope you all enjoy it much more than the other one that constantly peppered us with pop-ups because I wouldn't pay a $17 monthly fee. This one is free and much more organized although it may take a little adjusting to. I hope to finish off the design in the coming days. Don't be afraid to register, it's worth it and you won't have spam flying to your inbox. If you want to register but don't want to submit an email address, that's fine too. As for some tunes, Nellie McKay is quite an interesting musician. Chris Sander of See Sander Run saw her at Bonaroo and said she was very cool. Willie Porter is another one. I haven't really listened to but one song, but Dave Matthews came to mind. Probably wrong, give it a shot. Also, Fat Planet has some very diverse tunes. Thanks Largeheartedboy, my favorite music related blog.