- As promised, I've added a Modest Mouse show to the extramile section. 2-14-04. It has the first live playing of "Bukowski" and the energy and quality is great throughout. I was also going to upload a Broken Social Scene one as well but ran out of time. Traffic, Van Morrison and some others will be next and I'll be creating a new page for those. The Innoncence Mission are led by the voice of Karen Paris. She reminds me of a bizzare Natlie Merchant crossed with Hope Sandoval(Mazzy Star) accompanied by only an acoustic guitar. Now, I can't figure out where I downloaded this track "London" or who sings it. But it's stuck in my head. Stuck. Unbunny pop around. Find more tunes at their site. Also, make sure to check out Conclave obscurum. Neat site with some delightfully weird art.

The Innoncence Mission - Tomorrow on The Runway
Unknown - London
Unbunny - I Leave Stones Unturned
- So for some reason my storage and bandwidth quadrupled this morning. I guess this means is I'll be able to post multiple shows I've acquired over the past few years without having to worry about space. Sweet. I was extremely excited to read on Largeheartedboy the other day that Graham Smith came out with another album yesterday. His first, Ponyoak, was amazing and while the two that followed that were less than spectacular, word around the campfire is that "Final Battle" will not disappoint and he's back to his old ways. Excited, I'm posting a track from "Ponyoak" and will do so from "Final Battle" when it arrives in the mail. USHC Brand Men's Jeans. The other two tracks today come from !!!(chk chk chk or chik chik chik) and The Go! Team. Tiny Mix Tapes reviewed !!! and I can't find a review for The Go! Team for you to read or a website so just keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Kleenex Girl Wonder(Graham Smith) - Power Bird
!!! - Hello? Is This Thing On? The GO! Team - Huddle Formation
- The Summer Olympics officially began yesterday. Who knows, maybe the Brits can bring home a Gold in backgammon or something? Anyway, it's hard to believe that Devendra's second album of the year, Nino Rojo, is due out in a month. Wouldn't it be great if all artists put out two albums a year? "At the Hop" is a tune I stumbled upon at Said the Gramaphone. If it's any indication, the second effort of the year will be just as lovely as the first. I am The World Trade Center was reviewed the other day on pitchfork. I found this track on KVRX, which gave us the tracks from the previous update, so give it a listen. I'm not sure where I ran into Mystic Chords of Memory, but it turns out they were reviewed by pitchfork recently as well. Go to sleep.

Devendra Banhart - At The Hop
I am The World Trade Center - Unsure of Track
Mystic Chords of Memory - Sure Bert
a href="/Clipart/Snake.jpg">Blah. I encourage all of you to purchase any of these Pas/Cal albums. You may have heard them on a VW commercial at some point over the past year - "c'mon lets go, lets not talk about tomorrow....today...bah, bah, bah..." Anyway, give their track a listen. It's from a KVRX acoustic session. Broken Social Scene are preparing their, uh, next album which is slated to appear in stores around February. I say uh because I'm not sure what album this is. It could be considered their second, but does the instrumental Feel Good Lost count? I guess, so three? Possibly four? This track, 7/4, is also another from the KVRX studios. You can watch a video of the song, different take, here as well.

Pas/Cal - I Bet My Life That You Bet Your Life
Broken Social Scene - 7/4
- Good morning. Due to recent slacking, consecutive updates have arrived. Here's the track "Move On" from Hot Hot Heats "Bandages" single released in the Uk. They're currently in the studio and have the final 12 tracks ready to...set...go. Not sure if a release date has been announced just yet. Of Montreal released their 6th album earlier this year. In this clip we have them doing a shins cover. Here's a couple tracks as well if you'd live to delve further. And to conclude todays update we have a track from Vetiver's latest release. "Luna Sea" is a favorite of mine. These guys/gals were great live. Enjoy.

Hot Hot Heat - Move On
Of Montreal - Know Your Onion(shins)
Vetiver - Luna Sea
- Tumble you weed. I think it's something to do with the weather. Nonetheless, I've decided to go against the grain for that very reason today. Dane Cook is a comedian from the philly area. The dudes pretty funny so give him a listen. The other track from Thee Moths is a steady melody with hushed vocals reverberating throughout. It left me dazed this morning as I debated whether or not my hungover head is ready to work.

Thee Moths - Are Your Feet Tangled Up In Roots?
Dane Cook - Burger King