Go and check out Exploding Dog, cool site. If you feel adventurous, send him a blip about what's on your mind and maybe he'll draw it for you. He's been doing this for awhile and has some neat stuff.

And baseball to the DC area? So let me get this straight - instead of having four professional teams that play for a losing record, we get five? Sounds like a deal.

"Blueberry Boat," "End Of Amnesia" and "Nino Rojo" are all solid albums after the first spin.

John Frusciante live stuff.....and who doesn't love Phil Collins? Scroll up a bit when the page loads. Mum, Velvet Revolver and the late Elliot Smith live as well.

Old mp3s are in the archive section. It's a mess at the moment, but you can download them again. From what I read about Palomar, they like to sing about sushi and stuff. I guess you could throw them in the pop category though...the chick has a cool voice and as a whole, they're enjoyable. On!Air!Library! are an experimental bunch. Very sneaky beats and the chicks voice is cool...of course. Get more here. Was going to make it 3 for 3 with the lady vocalists, but opted to put up these guys Inouk. They play at the 9:30 club on the 8th of October and On!Air!Library! play a month after that if you're interested.

Palomar - Albacore
On!Air!Library! - Faultered Ego
Inouk - No Danger
The Avett Brothers - At The Beach
 9-28-04 -
That's my new girl Lola. She's been golden her first couple of days with us, but I have a feeling we're being played like a fiddle. She's going to be a handful in the coming weeks and months to come.

The .flac police busted me on Sunday. Not really, but the original recording of the 2-15-04 Mouse show was at one time in .flac format and I was asked by the recordee to pull it down. If you're unaware of what a .flac file is, it's a completely uncompressed file so there is no reduction in the quality in the sound. The downside of .flac is that instead of a show encoded to Mp3's being say, 100MBs, the show is 500 MBs. So basically unless you have a broadband connection you'll spend your life waiting for a show to download. The upside is the quality is always great.

I added the Live Dive Archive to the menu. It's the same layout as Extramile, but we'll be throwing various artists in there. To start, M. Ward at the Merge Records Festival and Jimi Hendrix in his apartment playing in 69'. The Lost Morrison Tapes and Traffic to follow.

I'm anticipating the arrival of 4 disks I ordered the other day. The Fiery Furnaces "Blueberry Boat", Devendra Banharts "Nino Rojo", M. Wards "End Of Amnesia", and I just realized that the Arcade Fire's "Funeral" is out of stock. Shit.

Tunes from Epic 45, Tullycraft, and Bright Black. Epic 45 reminded me of 6 parts 7 for a second, now I'm not sure what comes to mind. Something. Tullycraft are popalicious and the Bright Black tune brings to mind the Fruit Bats with different vocals layered with a chicks voice. Pretty cool and mellow update apart from Tullycraft.

• Epic 45 - A Year Without Summer
• Tullycraft - Twee
• Bright Black - True Bright Blossom