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Yes folks, it's that time of the year again, the gambling season is upon us and after our debut rookie campain in which we predicted a modest 60% of our picks correctly, we're ready for the pigskin to kick off again watch our percentage increase by 10%.  That's right folks, 70%!!  With our die hard dedicated staff filled with football fans from around the US, and our own psychopathic stat guy, we're proud to bring you these picks for free....because that's what we love.  Did your heart crumble multiple times last year watching the Texans mush your spreads in the 4th Quarter?  Or was it the nail biting action of watching them Buccaneers hault opposing offenses, and their own, to under 30 points through 60 minutes of the most boring game of your life?  Or maybe it was M. Vanderjagt kicking two 50+ yard field goals in the snow to send your hopes down the toilet!  We got your sleepers, your busts.....we got you covered.

The Shark
58-39 (59%)

Week 7

Took my work pool results because I forgot to fill 'em in here.

Sunday, Oct. 12th
Denver @ Baltimore (-1.5)
Detroit @ Chicago (-3)
Seattle @ Cincinnati (+1.5)
Tennessee @ Jacksonville (+3.5)
Giants @ Minnesota (-5.5)
Cleveland @ New England (-5.5)
Carolina @ New Orleans (-2)
St. Louis @ Pittsburgh (-1.5)
Dallas @ Tampa Bay (-6.5)
San Francisco @ Arizona (+6.5)
Houston @ Indy (-13)
NY Jets @ Philadelphia (-3)
Buffalo @ KC (-6.5)

Monday, Oct. 13th
Miami @ San Diego (+3)

Week 5
New England
New Orleans
St. Louis


Sundays picks to appear in Fridays edition.  If you haven't checked out our pro football guru Ramine Dashs predictions yet, do so by going here.  He's got the latest and greatest on the NFC breakdown.  Our record will accumulate based on the spread, not the over/under.  Also keep your eyes peeled for the fantasy section which will include sleepers performers for the weekend, owner of the week along with crap owner of the weekend.  Psychopathic stat guy breakdowns as well.

Marc the Shark
Nate the Snake
Tom the Bomb
Ramine the Machine
Coreys another Story
Wallace is Mike Hollis
Ritchie is in debt
Watson Pay Up

Machines Bargains

Week 6

Ramines bargains for last week have been filled in, this weeks have not though.  I got the email at home again so I'm not sure who his winners are.