Local Music Acts & Laughs

Too many of these resulted in this.  Hilarious.......

These three Mc's - Tumultuous Thomas, Pasleezy Pittrizzi, and Ayres Care - took to the Mic one night a few months ago.  While they'd never actually worked together before, Wallace (click here) found himself in another coma passed out and the opportunity could not be passed up.  The situation was set, lights bright, and they came through.  Special Guest Beatbox Nate.

3 MCs - Wallace Mash

Grand Master Fitz - Born

Grand Master Fitz put together this tune back in February.  While originally slated to make Grand Master Fitz's debut album, "Dreaded AK," collaborators decided against it.  Poor album sales pointed at this error in judgement and numerous employees have since lost their job.  We have recovered the stripped down track and have posted it here.  What could have been.

Mom - British Poetry