Many pictures have been added over the past three weeks or so to the pictures section and there are still quite a few to come.  Overhaul is taking much longer than expected.  Just got back from the beach and got quite a few good pics there.  Plan to overhaul the Archive section when all is said and done.  Then jump to the links section, Caption, and some other crap.  For now I have added a picture of Hawken passed out on the shitter.  Classic.

Well I've collected about..........100 pictures of various places, various times, and so on.  It should be hilarious once I get all those scanned.  Until then I threw up Wallace and Hawken for a quick laugh........the quick laugh that is bound to turn to many.  Stay tuned..........Also added Morganaski, Kowski, and Ayresowski jammin out. 

Changed up some tracks a week ago - Troubled Hubble (Tom), Chan Marshall (Cat Power for those of you paying attention), The New Pornograhers, and The Fruit Bats.    Also added Kowski and Hicksta's battle off.  Overhaul is underway, I'm trying to gather ideas and shit for new content.  Adding a few new secitons along with many pictures which I'm in the process of scanning and gathering from peoples camera's.  Fucking submit your pictures and drawing asswipes!!!!!!!!!!   Blah, blah, blah................

Starting the overhaul.  Haven't updated Laughs for a couple of weeks or the music section.  I'm in the process of collecting a bunch of pictures that will be included in the new pictures secion.  I expect I'll have upwards of 100 pictures in there so that should be cool.  As always art submissions are welcome along with any ideas or whatever.  Corey and Smoot are temporary.

Ok - I haven't updated the News section in a long time, so here we go.  Added a new section called laughs in which various home recordings will be posted along with some video clips.  We got one right now with Bustine and Lindsay which is kind of crappy quality, but last I heard they were going to perform again quite soon.  Instead of posting 3 new bands every other week I post 4 for your pleasure.  Also a Beta version is in the works for a complete overhaul of the site.  Stay tuned. 

Added Saunders, Taft, Ramine, and John's famous "Curvitures."  Actually, they're all famous.  Threw up The Robot Ate Me mp3 along with the others which have been up for about a week: Cat Power and Six Parts Seven.  Changed the Poll and also added a new section called shows which may just be for looks.  Wasn't sure what the hell else to add.  Oh!  The smurf.  Updated links as well.

Added some mp3s of a few fools.  Dyer's is quite vulgar so I may look for something more suitable.  Other than that I plan to change up the mp3s next week and add a few things here and there.

Added some more mp3's.  I kind of freaked out though and changed all three that I originally said I was gonig to post.  Doug Martsch, Holopaw, and Flake Music are the new sounds.  The other three were just a bit dreary.  Added my artwork to the top of the main page although that may change soon.  Poll for which persons song is going to be posted next is up on the main page.  Sorry to Fitz for forgetting about you.  Kowski's "Rapohol" is leading the votes right now with a slim 3-2 lead over Dyer's "Miller Lite".

Added Kleenex Girl Wonder, Essex Green, and Cass McCombs to the main section about a week ago.  All albums are excellent and you can purchase them by clicking the bands names in the Archive or in the links sections.  Not sure what the hell else is going on.  In other news the Burning Wood has purchased a 4-track Boss BR-532.  Nasty stuff. 

Added Noise For Pretend, Hot Hot Heat, and The Sea & Cake for downloads.  Check them out.  Also added the Archive which will contain past tracks from bands previously listed as well as a description.  Canned the Poll.  Changed up the links again.  And added the AW mascot to the main page although right now he is a bit upset at the lack of visits to the site but that should change in due time. 

Happy new year.  If the site looks crazy from time to time it's because I'm fiddling around with some bs.  I added some stuff the the Extra Mile seciton the other night and plan to put up the rest of the UC show soon.  Still having problems.  Might add another Beulah, Warlocks, and Kingsbury song until the 15th today just to give it a twist up.  Still waiting for your drawings to be submitted.