If you enjoy The Shins then you're sure to go spastic when you hear Flake Music, the original sounds that eventually became....them. The Shins, and I guess this tracks title was a deciding factor of what was to come. If you've yet to invest in Flake Music's "When you Land Here it's Time to Return," I suggest doing so as it's filled with luscious pop - spelled backwards - gems that give you an idea of what the soil was before that little sprout snuck through.

Lazarus and Gelcaps are the epitome of that lo-fi sound. Lazarus begins "Singing to Thieves" with an acoustic track that's levels seems to accidentally have been pushed a bit high, but eventually evens out, intentionally, as the tune carries on. Gelcaps' "Nothing is Invisible" sets the tone with a distorted piano(??), then "falsetto confessions and lazy pop jams" follow on this very enjoyable tune.

Far are one of those bands that snuck beneath the radar in the early 80's only to be "rediscovered" 10-15 years or so later. Very catchy.

Flake Music - The Shins
Lazarus - Singing To Thieves
Gelcaps - Nothing is Invisible
Far - Mother Mary

Ahh, yet again Turkey day has come and gone. Apparently I was not sedated by the Turkey this year, and never have been in my life.

The most exciting news today comes from Subpop. Iron & Wine/Sam Beam is releasing a single titled Passing Afternoon in the UK. The disk contains the number "Communion Cups and Someone's Coat," an unreleased track and perhaps a little preview of what to expect from his new work, "Woman King," that's to be released in February of 2005. Sam's quick isn't he?!

Acousticwoodlands has become RSS friendly. The icon is here and at the bottom of the page

I'll have a complete update this evening, but for now here's some:

Live Mum
The Yardbirds
Six Pack from Six Eyes

Eclectoid pop is one way to describe Asobi Seksu. "The band melds lush yet wonderfully crushing waves of white noise in variation with synth-driven pop delicacies and tight lounge progressions ala Stereolab." This pretty much smacks "sooner" on the button. They are releasing a Christmas split 12" with PAS/CAL for the holidays.

Dear Nora's track "On To September" integrates a beautiful voice, acoustic guitar, and a few subtle dollops of bass drum all in under two minutes to produce a captivating sound that will leave you digging for more.

"Part One" from Dilute is an instrumental which brings at first listen a sound which mimics that of an electronically assisted sound bite(that's what my ears thought), only to figure out shortly thereafter that this is in fact a guitar. Far from Diluted(C'mon, you knew that was coming), the band combines a variety of other sounds and pulls what seems to be difficult at first, off.

Should. I feel like I should be in a church when I hear this song. Something with the organ. Although I probably would have burst into flames when I walked into this church, I think this song put the flames out. A very dreamy tune which leaves me in the last row twiddling my thumbs. What any of my take on this track means I'm not sure, just forget about it.

Sounds from Words On Music Records
Below the surface of the "Float On" video.
Some Elliot Smith rarities.

Asobi Seksu - Sooner
Dear Nora - On To September
Dilute - Part One
Should - Both Eyes Open

Friday's Almost Covered

It is. Without further adieu......Friday's covers.

The Shins - We Will Become Silhouettes (Postal Service) (via Six Eyes)
The Decemberists - Bridges And Balloons (Joanna Newsom) (via Brooklyn Vegan)

Also, that whole Dan Hicks track. Give it a whirl, good stuff.

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks - Where's the Money?

I went and checked out Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks last night. I was introduced to him via the barns at Wolftrap about 3 years ago, and last night was another exceptional performance by the group. A mix of swing, jazz, jams, scat-a-tat and to top it off the guy is hilarious. Good stuff. If you're a Sopranos fan, you may have heard the track "Where's the money?" played on an episode before. A clip of that track is below, and if you'd like to hear a few others click here. I'll be going back for thirds next time.

Definitely check out that Arcade Fire recording on the left. I think they come as far South as NYC in the next month or so, I thnk it's imperative that we make the trip after hearing this recording and reading some of their live reviews.

The Top 40 bands today.

Create a Tree. I have no idea what this is about because I have no sound at the moment, but it looks interesting.

Along with the Dan Hicks clip is a track from a band called Spouse. I like the sound the guys produce. After a quick listen, the lead singer actually sounds eerily similar to Jeff Tweedy. They'll be coming this way on the 29th of November to The Gallaxy for Free. FREE.

I dug this Wilco track up from a live show I had recorded Towson, MD. "She's a Jar" is from their album "summerteeth." I love the lyrics and this track as a whole.

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks - Where's The Money?
Spouse - Sad Not Trashed
Wilco - She's a Jar
I'll be checking out Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks at Wolftraps barn this Wednesday. NPR reviewed a track from his new record which contains some helping hands from the likes of Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Thomas Dolby, and Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers.

Hickey, his buddy Jeff and a few others have formed Echo Boomers and are currently working on a new album, 17 tracks in all. Here are a couple sound bites.

The Zoom quilt is a fantastic dizzying array of all sorts of shit. Very neat.

Some more enjoyable Chin Up Chin Up sounds.

Morning Spy. Here's a video and a few more tracks if you're interested in delving further.

Anamude is Ana Hortillosa and an acoustic guitar. Something about her voice, the raw sound, and the fact that she composed all of this on a four track snagged my ear. Not that the production is overwhelming, but maybe I have hope because my four track doesn't produce a sound like this. Maybe it's me? Yeah. Interview

Chin Up Chin Up - Virginia Don't Drown
Morning Spy - Slow Flood
Anamude - Comfort
This'll be a quickie as I'm short on time, but here it goes.

I think this is great.

This version of The Flaming Lips "Turn it on" with the blugrass twist is delectable. Swinging from the bluegrass to the Delta Blues and....

Mississippi John Hurt. His guitar playing is incredible. Steadily playing bass with his thumb while picking away effortlessly on those poor strings. This track is from a live album in 65' at Oberlin College. "Stagolee was a bad man. Robbed a coal mine one time. Get me right" One of his more popular tunes. Here's a great story about his amazing roller coaster ride of a life.

Ever since Kingsbury Manx almost blew us out of the Black Cat with this track "Fields," I've been a huge fan. This song builds up momentum to the point of explosion. You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the drums to kick in and the guitar to shred your ears apart....but it never happens. A light acoustic pops in after about 4 minutes and you get back to reading your book. Magnífico.

The Flaming Lips - Turn It On (bluegrass version)
Mississippi John Hurt - Stagolee
Kingsbury Manx - Fields
Sorry Everybody. There's a lot of truth to this picture. Anyway, four more years of recklessness, no reason to bitch any longer.

I am redesigning(again)

In an attempt to get things back on the right track I added another Modest Mouse show to the Extramile section. There are a couple of glitches here and there because the recording was taken from a radio station, but the quality is quite good. I'd also like to add that Jim Morrison session a couple weeks before he died at some point.

Mark Eitzel is an intriguing listen. "Proclaim Your Joy" is the album closer from his latest release Invisible Man which pitchfork spoke highly of. I enjoy the way this track flows as well as a couple of the other tracks I've heard. And an Interview if you're interested.

Pattern is Movement ooze that "Math Rock" people speak of. Have you heard? It's freakin me out. This track has a spooky but most enjoyable sound. There are some more tracks here. Pitchspork's Review.

David Dondero throws out a live acoustic diddy for you all.

I believe this Doug Martsch track has been posted on here before, but long ago. I have no idea where/when this recording took place. If my memory serves me well, Built to Spill are releasing an album soon. No release date has been set yet bet let get net set yet.

Mark Eitzel - Proclaim Your Joy
Pattern Is Movement - Albatross
David Dondero - Pre-invasion Jitters
Doug Martsch - Three Years Ago Today(live solo)

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