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March 23, 2008




Hey everyone we are back from our 14 day tour in London, Amsterdam and beyond. We have so many pictures to share with you all but before we do that I thought I would share some interesting terminoligy from one american to another. Language can be very interesting... here are some of words I caught on to while overseas:

Teatime=Dinner for small children

Chub=bottom lock of door

Yale=Top lock (dead bolt)

Rocket=Mixed sald greens

Quid=Our version of Cash, or bucks 


Queue=In line

Boot = The “trunk” of the car

Bonnet = The “hood” of the car

Spotted Dick (as seen above)=Tradional pudding (dessert to me and you)

Chips=French Fries (as seen above) The best fish and chips in Rye!

Have a wee=Need to go to the restroom (restroom is non existent over there, purely say toilet)

Cutting the cheese=this term is not used over there, but can be similar to a cheese cutter hat, worn by paperboys of the yesteryear.

March 10, 2008

Hampton Court, Abbey Mills, our arrival........

Here are some photos from Hampton Court.  Our flight was great and we were picked up by Zoe & Ben at Heathrow.  The day - as long as it was - consisted of us having a quick nap, a few pints, and dinner for our lovely Nan's birthday.  10 hours of sleep followed and Abbey Mills, Hampton Court, and the Wandgas was our entertainment on Sunday.  Fantastic.


All these photos were from Hampton Court.  We're off to Rye tomorrow, and London with 60mph winds was today.  Crazy.  Pics to follow.

Love Marc & Ash

March 07, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane.....

Want to know where we are in the sky? Most of you probably won't care, but my Dad will sure love this: http://www.flightview.com/

Type British Airways (BA) Flight 292, and watch our flight..all night long!! See you in 2 weeks kids!


March 03, 2008

Yeah!!! Off to the UK

In honor of our upcoming trip, here is a photo by Kate Triano Photography, as well as our itinerary below. Chantal and Chris will be flying over with us, but returning to the States, after a week, when Spring Break is over....tough life kids!

Flight 1 - BA0292From Dulles (Washington DC) Terminal

Departing 7 March 2008 21:55 (local time)
Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
Arriving 8 March 2008 10:00 (local time)
British Airways Status Confirmed
Arrive at Nanny Kit's home in Stoneleigh (about 20 miniues from London) for a few days, then driving 1 hour south to Roberstbridge, in East  Sussex to spend some time with Pat and Gordon Thurstans. Depart on March 15, to visit Scott and Jessica Taylor, in The Hague, outside of Amsterdam!! 
Easy JET Saturday 15 March

Check in opens Sat 15 Mar 11:30
Closes Sat 15 Mar 12:50

London Gatwick (South Terminal) To Amsterdam

flight 5105; dep. Sat 15 Mar 13:30
arr. Sat 15 Mar 15:45

Easy JET Tuesday 18 March

Check in opens Tue 18 Mar 14:05
Closes Tue 18 Mar 15:25

Amsterdam To London Gatwick (South Terminal)

flight 5106; dep. Tue 18 Mar 16:05
arr. Tue 18 Mar 16:20

Return back to Pat and Gordons, then back to Nanny Kit's, to visit with other family closer to London.

Flight 2 - BA0293

Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
Departing 21 March 2008 17:00 (local time)
Dulles (Washington DC) Terminal
21 March 2008 21:05 (local time)
British Airways Status Confirmed
Hopefully we can fit it all in, Fish and Chips, Beatles Memorabilia, Warm beer, A show, Afternoon Tea, Museums, Sight Seeing and more! Tulips in the Hague, more beer, and the rest  of Amsterdam's wild offerings... Can't wait!!!

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