May 19, 2008

Our first Anniversary celebratory expedition....

Today is Ash & I's One year anniversary!  It's absolutely crazy that it's been an entire year since getting married in Duck, NC.  So this past weekend, as a little celebration, I put together a sneaky outing.  She had no idea where we were going, but we started off in Middleburg, which she figured out quickly because it's a straight shot on Route 50 West.  Here's a bunch of photos:

At lunch in Middleburg, I think the place was called "Horse Tavern" or something like that.

After Middleburg we set out upon the second leg of our journey.  Ash thought we were staying around Middleburg, so when she inquired a couple of times as to where we were, I said the GPS stuck me on the wrong road and we were winding around a mountain back towards the Loudon County area.  The weather was perfect.

After about 45 minutes, we arrived to Charles Town Parkway (or something like that).  Once we crossed the West Virginia border she knew where we were going.  But I must admit, I was impressed I was able to keep it a secret for so long.  Ash was a great sport though and didn't pester me too much!

Gazebo out front
Ash swinging 
Before entering Charles Town 
Watching a race 
 Pretty neat being able to see the horses this close 
Next morning at B&B
Inside the "Rose" room.
Me being a dork
Ash having a good laugh!  
Here are a few more, so many photos in this post, sorry!

What a fun time we had.  We didn't lose too much money on the slots or horses, and actually we were ahead for most of the night. 

The next morning, after having a ridiculously delicious homemade breakfast, we got on our way and stopped in Harpers Ferry.  The weather turned south, but that area was pretty cool.

We were completely wiped out the next day, but it was well worth it!  Thanks to everyone for being with us last year on this day.  1 year down!

Love Mash

March 03, 2008

Yeah!!! Off to the UK

In honor of our upcoming trip, here is a photo by Kate Triano Photography, as well as our itinerary below. Chantal and Chris will be flying over with us, but returning to the States, after a week, when Spring Break is over....tough life kids!

Flight 1 - BA0292From Dulles (Washington DC) Terminal

Departing 7 March 2008 21:55 (local time)
Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
Arriving 8 March 2008 10:00 (local time)
British Airways Status Confirmed
Arrive at Nanny Kit's home in Stoneleigh (about 20 miniues from London) for a few days, then driving 1 hour south to Roberstbridge, in East  Sussex to spend some time with Pat and Gordon Thurstans. Depart on March 15, to visit Scott and Jessica Taylor, in The Hague, outside of Amsterdam!! 
Easy JET Saturday 15 March

Check in opens Sat 15 Mar 11:30
Closes Sat 15 Mar 12:50

London Gatwick (South Terminal) To Amsterdam

flight 5105; dep. Sat 15 Mar 13:30
arr. Sat 15 Mar 15:45

Easy JET Tuesday 18 March

Check in opens Tue 18 Mar 14:05
Closes Tue 18 Mar 15:25

Amsterdam To London Gatwick (South Terminal)

flight 5106; dep. Tue 18 Mar 16:05
arr. Tue 18 Mar 16:20

Return back to Pat and Gordons, then back to Nanny Kit's, to visit with other family closer to London.

Flight 2 - BA0293

Heathrow (London) Terminal 4
Departing 21 March 2008 17:00 (local time)
Dulles (Washington DC) Terminal
21 March 2008 21:05 (local time)
British Airways Status Confirmed
Hopefully we can fit it all in, Fish and Chips, Beatles Memorabilia, Warm beer, A show, Afternoon Tea, Museums, Sight Seeing and more! Tulips in the Hague, more beer, and the rest  of Amsterdam's wild offerings... Can't wait!!!

February 15, 2008

Valentine's with Ice.....

Ash & I had good fun last night.  First, I got home and made homemade Potato chips for Ash(Thoughts from whoever is reading this: "What the F#$! was he thinking?").  Just trying to find ways to the pregnant womans heart!

Second, I couldn't find a damn vase for her roses, so I hung them upside down on the Chandelier. Quite artsy fartsy huh?  And finally I ordered Thai from our favorite joint and downloaded some Van Morrison tunes to our Ipod.  Our first married Valentine's together and our very last by ourselves.  Weird.


The past couple of days have been cold, so here's some photos from my morning walk on Wednesday with the dogs.  As you can see, our maniac Lola on most mornings - regardless of the weather - fancies a swim.  She then parades around on the rest of her walk with ice clinging to her frizzy hair.


I never realized how pointy my nose looked.  To the weekend! 

February 11, 2008

Tom's birthday, DC.......

Here are a couple of photos from this past weekend at Taft's house on Cathedral. Tom's very excited.

And here's Ash, drinking her seltzer water out of a delirium glass 

She was a trooper this weekend! 

February 10, 2008

Making dog food.....

The next few months are likely to be trying times in regards to making the dog food.  With smells and such beginning to bother Ashley's little nose, I'm having a bit of a difficult time figuring out when to make Sam & Lola's food.  We've been doing it for about 4 months - thanks to Chantal's recipe recommendation - and the results are fantastic.  Lola is about the most finicky eater I've ever come across and she has only missed one meal since I started making it(and that was due to too much of Sweet Peas food this past weekend). Here's a couple of photos from Sunday's batch:

6 cans of vegetables(no salt), 6 hard boiled eggs, 3lbs of well cooked ground meat(Turkey, Beef, Chicken), a tub of chicken liver, brown rice, salmon, garlic, and a few other secret ingredients.  You then freeze the containers and defrost them when needed. 

It's comforting knowing what exactly is going into your dogs belly and the oils are fantastic for their coat.  Looks yummy, right?

The total cost this past weekend was $19.42.  This cost varies based on ingredients you have on hand, and this past weekend was a little more expensive than usual.  It makes 14 cans of food at 13.2 Ozs......the containers above are 750ml.