May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Ash and I had a rather eventful weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather.  On Friday night we met Chantal, Chris, and Mom at "Sunflower" in Vienna for dinner.  If you haven't been there, I highly suggest you try it out.  Personally, I advise that you get General Tso's Tofu your first time there.  I forgot what I ordered, but it was delicious.  I think it was the "Sunflower Surprise."  And if you love Mushrooms, they have a fantastic "Mushroom Palate" dish which is unbelivable.  Sometimes I think I'm going to turn into a mushroom, that's how often I eat them.

So since Chris and Chantal were up in Maryland for a wedding the entire weekend, they were kind enough to let me borrow their Wii Fit and a couple of other games.  First off, the Wii fit is hilarious.  I was pretty sore on Saturday after doing a few of the workouts.  It's funny as hell.  What a great concept that system is as a whole.  First you weigh in, then it calculates your BMI and assigns you a category.  I was assigned overweight, which I guess isn't much of a surprise.  Then you workout doing a variety of exercises.  Aerobic, Strength, Yoga, and Athletics are your choices. 

Saturday morning I took a few pics of the dogs and planted my Tomatoes.


Fortunately, the keg was empty.  Here's Sam being photogenic and Lo's on the lookout post:

On Sunday we had a wedding and helped out our family friend Karly take some photos before the reception.  I'm not going to post any of those though because we took like 300 photos and still need to go through them all.  The light was awesome, and here's an awesome one with my Ash at Green Springs Garden and then the both of us at the reception.

And finally, before the wedding I began what I'm calling "Creek Cleanup."  Since the dogs and I are down there every day that the weather permits, I decided it was time to start picking up trash.  What really made me notice the amount of it down there was when we had 6 inches of rain a couple of weeks ago.  The amount of glass(broken shards) it pushed up to the path was unbelievable, and obviously we can't have Sam & Lola splitting open their paws on that stuff.  Anyway, I collected a black bag full of glass, plastic, and.......well, trash.  All in all, there were 39 bottles and cans, a flower pot, the blade of a plastic hockey stick, and all sorts of other junk.  They've been placed in recycling. 

The coolest find was this Lipton can!  I have no clue how old it was, but it was one of the peel back tops. 

April 21, 2008

"Το αύριο είναι επόμενο"

Ash and I began work on the upstairs bathroom on Sunday.  As much as I dreaded the thought of the mess that would follow, the feeling of pulling things apart in there was well worth it.  This bathroom/shower has been out of use for the better half of three years.  It's caused us ceiling damage and sorthing things out from the ground up is exciting.  (1) BC and I assessing, (2) Tile removal begins, (3) Sink and camode , (4) tiles gone, (5) Walls removed:

We hope to have running water by the end of May.....2009

And here a couple of fun photos.  On Saturday evening I snapped this of Sam as he heard a firework go off in the distance.  Then Ash tried to coax him through his drool riddled anxiousness.  With thunderstorms taking up the better half of Sunday afternoon/evening, Ash & I also got stuck with the job of keeping him calm(basically, if you don't keep him busy, he crawls on top of you and drools incessantly).  

And finally sweetpea.......we just got back from the vet(her favorite, she puked when we got back after being poked, prodded, and tossed about in the car for two hours).  Good news - she gained 2 lbs, meaning her thyroid and the medicine made a deal, and they're working together.  I wasn't sure, I thought the meds were going to hold out a little longer, but they got a fantastic deal and both sides seem to be happy.

Enough NFL draft talk.  The medicine got the better of the deal, sweetpea's a great cat! 

Caps also just came back from a 3-1 series defecit and beat the Flyers 4-2.  The series is now even 3-3 and back in Washington tomorrow night.  I haven't posted about this in about a week, but it's been an unbelievable series.  Whatever team wins tomorrow night goes on to the next lose because they've beaten the shit out of each other for 7 games.

Updates on our bathroom as they come. 

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

February 09, 2008

Friday night, silly people.....

A couple of ducks hanging out in the stream running by the area where I was testing for work.  I didn't win the Mega Millions last night, which was a complete surprise.  Ash & I met our neighbors and friends at the Marrakesh in DC for some Morrocan food and belly dancing.....very neat!  We then cruised over to the Brickskeller in DC, which has over 1,000 beers on hand.  The menu was daunting to say the least!

Here's Sam & Lo's at the creek today...from left to right, Lola in full speed, Sam watching minnows and Lola about to hop on Sam's head(click link for full size).

And finally, Lola waiting for Sweetpea to share her food.  This likely explains the reasoning behind Lola's funny tummy this morning as she's very dilligent and always seems to smell of cat food upon her return from the basement.


Ash & I are both reading books pertaining to pregnancy.  I, "The Expectant Father" and she "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books."  Mine is quite good.  I also just finshed a book called "Stiff" and "Eats, Shoots & Leaves."  I'll be linking all of this stuff up quite shortly.   

And Happy Birthday Mr.'re 30 today.  Pictures from tonight to be posted tomorrow! 

February 05, 2008

Sweetpea hates Guitar Hero....

Oh yes, here's the first entry in our weblog.  The selected posts will be about Ashley and I, our animals, and the fun surrounding what guarantees to be a tumultuous 9 months.  Here's the first go.

Last night after throwing dinner toghether - spaghetti sauce laced with tofu - I ran downstairs to play Chris & Chantal online in Guitar Hero before Ash got home from work.  I plopped the guitar strap around my neck and immediately felt moisture.  Sweetpea - our newly acquired 16 year old family cat - had peed on Guitar Hero.

Bleach, Tide wipes, and fabric softner wiping later, I still smell cat urine when playing the damn guitar.

An interesting start.