June 03, 2008

June Marathon!

Somehow we've managed to blog on consecutive days - the first two days of June, no less - so I figured we'd have a blog-a-thon and blog all of June away.  We're going to blog like it's 1999.  I know, this is way too exciting, but stay calm.  Not sure how this is going to work, but we'll do our best(Ashley doesn't know she's part of this yet, so shhhh).

So what would a post be without the progress of our beloved Tomatoes?  They are adapting nicely after their shocking transplant to the outside world and as the soil warms we should hopefully be in business very soon.  This is my first attempt at growing Tomatoes from seed, so hopefully they don't sprout dirty socks or something.

And while we're at it, here's our basil pot equipped with dill sprouting out of the top thus far. It's not the most exciting thing yet, but once again, with the humidity and heat just around the corner, I expect these guys to explode with happiness in no time at all. says:

Gouge [gouj] noun, verb

example: extort from, swindle, or overcharge.

Check out the receipt to the right.  I hadn't filled up my Jeep in ages.  So, when I purchased 16.527 Gallons of Regular unleaded gas at $3.99, it left me at $66 and change.  How can this continue?  10 years ago, it was 99 cents at Shell on 236.  That would have been $16 to fill up my tank.  As recently as a couple of years ago, I think it was around $2.25, and that was reasonable enough at $35 or somehing.  But $4?  This is outrageous. 

But this isn't half as bad the rest of the world, literally.  The Netherlands currently sits atop this list at nearly $10 a gallon.  The Uk isn't far behind at $9 a gallon.  Truckers - aka, Lorry drivers -  recently threatened to block off all routes into London in protest to the prices that apparently have no ceiling.

I'll be at the Gnats(I'm an O's fan) game on Thursday, and as regular readers know - all 3 of you - our CSA begins on Thursday.  Our box is going to include Asparagus, Strawberries, Kale, Spring Onions, Genovese Basil.  Super!

February 29, 2008

Mr. Coffee....Mr. Radar....

The title of this post is obvious to those who know's from the movie "Spaceballs."  I saw it - or at least most of it - for the first time the other afternoon. 

Below is a tree filled with squawking birds, Mr. Chevy C/K 1500 Silverado(on sale, send an offer!), and Mr. Sampson looking on as sweetpea sleeps on his bed.

And I'm really digging the Whigs.  A band I stumbled upon on Sirius the other day:

The Whigs - Right Hand on My Heart 

And next Friday - literally one week to the hour from this evening - we'll be leaving for England on a British Airways 747, quite exciting.  We'll also be able to update from overseas and I hope to post pictures from Amsterdam as well as London.  We're very excited. 

The Land of Green Ginger is one of the more intriguing, fun, and enjoyable reads I've stumbled upon lately.  The author wrote the screenplay for the Wizard of Oz, so essentially what you're getting here is a bit of fantasy.  It's a quick read, especially for you pothea....Harry Potter fans out there!


Lo's, Sam, and an Eclipse(taken with the ELPH) 


February 12, 2008

Books, books, books.......

We've both been reading a few books recently, can you tell what's happening?



I'm reading the first one, Ash the other three.......though I'll occasionally pick up these other ones to see what is going on as they all have pretty detailed information broken down by weeks.  Crazy shit!

Considering my reading list of the past 6 months has consisted of Harry Potters "Deathly Hallows," Chrisopher Moore's "Lamb," "The Book Thief," and "Flight," among others, this pregnancy reading stuff is a whole new beast!